Reassuring and comfortable, it draws pretty legs.

For those with a little belly : The high-waisted panties are made for you. By coming to cover the lower abdomen, it will slightly shape it and bring a certain harmony to your silhouette.
Unlike shaping briefs, the shaping effect is subtle; it does not come to sculpt the silhouette, but it will simply cover while maintaining lightly, in particular thanks to the thickness of the fabric. The high-waisted panties offered here are therefore much more comfortable than the sheathing version.

The high-waisted panty is not exclusively reserved for one type of morphology. But this one emphasizing the hips with its wide band of fabric, we do not recommend it for those whose hips are a little more pronounced. On the other hand, if you have relatively thin or H-shaped (straight) hips and you want to mark them a little more, then high-waisted panties may be suitable.


Mid crotch height

at the top of the pants:

Side height:
XS 28cm 12cm
S 29cm 13cm
M 30cm 14cm
L 31cm 15cm
XL 31cm 16cm