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For one-pieces, we recommend that you choose according to your usual panty size (the straps being adjustable, the top of our one-piece swimsuits adapts well):

34, take XS
36, take S
38, take M
40, take L
42, take XL
44, take XXL


For the tops, here are our equivalences:

80A/B, 85A, take XS

80C, 85B, 90A/B, take S

80D, 85C/D,90C, 95B take M

85E, 90D, 95C, take L

90E, 95D/E, 100E, take XL

Please note the TOP 3.0 (large triangles) is a little larger than the other tops : if you hesitate between two sizes, take the size below. We recommend the following equivalents for the TOP 3.0:

80A/B, 85A, 90A take XS

80C, 85B, 90B, 85C, 90C, take S

80D, 85D, 95B take M

85E, 90D, 95C, take L

90E, 95D/E, 100E, take XL


For the stockings, we recommend that you choose your usual size:

34 (hip circumference in cm: 83-89): XS

36 (hip circumference in cm: 90-96): S

38 (hip circumference in cm: 97-101): M

40 (hip circumference in cm: 102-106): L

42 (hip circumference in cm: 107-113): XL

How to measure your hips?

Place the tape measure around your hips at the strongest point. Position the tape measure as close as possible to the body without tightening it and on the skin.

Trick : If you don't have a measuring tape, use a piece of string and mark the length obtained on a ruler.

A doubt ?

Let's avoid a round trip for our planet! We are available on to answer your questions about sizes.